WSC update – 29 November 2020

COVID-19 Policy

Please consult the Club COVID-19 – Coronavirus Policy before each visit to the Club.  In particular please record your details, on one of these contact tracing facilities provided.  Wherever possible please use one of the QR codes

WSC Volunteer training day

We are hosting another volunteer training day this year for those wanting to upskill and improve.  It is scheduled for the 5th of December from 12-4pm.

Click here to book in for this.  This is a great opportunity please sign up, get some new skills, and help your Club.

We will run through the following.

  1. Facilities – Safety Responsibilities; Winch Operation – launching On Ramp; Crane Operation – launching from Jetty; Petrol handling; Rescue Boat Prep.
  1. Rescue boat operation – Safety Responsibilities; Start of Day – gear check; Radio Operation; Retrieving Sailors; Towing Boats; Race Buoys
    – Anchors, Anchor Lines, Buoys;  End of Day – returning gear & reporting incidents/gear repairs.
  1. Start boat & race management– Safety Responsibilities; Principles of race course setting; On-board roles and responsibilities; Laying marks for the Presiding Race Officer (PRO) by Rescue Boat (note, this is not a learn-to-run-a-race course – simply what you’ll be asked to do to support the race management)
  1. Basic First aid – Safety Procedures & Communications- on-water, club, ambulance, police; defibrillator locations at WSC and next nearest; resuscitation, CPR, using a defibrillator. 

We intend this to be a fun and informative intro to each key role. You will get hands-on, on-shore experience, receive takeaway materials to refer to when it’s your turn to volunteer, so you feel comfortable volunteering with the more experienced volunteers at the club. Make sure to save the date!

We are also calling for volunteers to assist with Sail Sydney.  If you can volunteer please register online.

Sail Sydney – changes to Club access

Please be aware that the Club is running Sail Sydney from 10 to 13 December.  We are calling for volunteers to assist with the event.  If you can volunteer please register online.
There will be a number of interruptions to normal operation during this period:
  • Boats stored in the yard (not in racking) will be relocated, to the Scout Hall, on the 9th of December and returned on the 14th of December.
  • Change rooms will be closed from 9am each day.
  • To help with COVID restrictions, and assist with the smooth running of the event, please do not attend the Club between the 10th and the 14th unless you have completed your activity before 9am or you are assisting with the event.

Holiday closure

The office will be closed from Saturday 19th December 2020 through to Sunday 3rd January 2021.  The yard will still be accessible between sunrise and sunset.  However, there will be no staff available to assist in the yard, on the water, or in the office.

Summer Series

Summer Series is in full swing and point score starts this weekend for Moth and Waszps and next weekend for all other classes.
For further details please view NOR and other documents here:
Competitors may enter online at the following link or via the club website:
Please consult the Club’s Covid policy for latest requirements:
The cafe will not be trading but please bring your own beer, wine, and food.  The Fridge and BBQ will be on and available for members to use.

OPTIMIST – Tackers, Open, Intermediate, Green fleet

The future of sailing is bright with Woollahra Sailing Clubs junior Optimist programme.  Junior programme manager & Coach Alex Zimmerman with his team of instructors have been busy planning the year ahead and will bring all the fun and skills the kids need to develop and perform.

Further detailed information & bookings can be made here:

420 – Development and Performance Programmes

Looking to try a new class or time to transition from the Optimist?  The WSC 420 development programme is well recommended.  This dynamic class is the world leader in creating an optimal foundation of techniques, tactics and tuning.  420 Performance sessions are back and the WSC Team look forward to supporting your goals.  

Further detailed information & bookings will be available next week at:

Upcoming events

We are looking forward to hosting many events over the next few months.  These include:

  • Club racing – Most weekends
  • Volunteer training day – December 5
  • The Waszp Class NSW Championship – November 28 and 29
  • Sail Sydney – December 10 to 13
  • Finn Australian Championship 2021 – January 10 to 15
  • 420 NSW Championship 2021 – January 21 to 24.

For more information on these and other events please consult the Club’s event calendar:

Share your photo and videos

You are a sailing/paddling legend!!  We would love to share your photos and videos on the Club website, Instagram and Facebook accounts.  There is a lot happening at the Club, let’s show the world that Woollahra Sailing Club is a great place to Sail and Paddle.

Please send you photos and videos to [email protected]  By doing so you will be giving the Club the right to use this content for promotional purposes.  We will not pass on that right to any other organisation.

Australian Sailing Courses

Australian Sailing have launched a variety courses to gain further knowledge, experience and qualifications from Club Race Officer to Dinghy Instructor qualifications.
The Club is always looking for volunteers to support regattas, club racing and programmes. Book in to secure your spot!

Private lessons available for members

A great form of exercise while fast tracking your performance.

Complying with the current Covid 19 government policies & restrictions all sessions will be completed in single handed dinghies. Woollahra Sailing Club coaches Alex Zimmermann & Dan Smith. For more details regarding sessions email [email protected] or [email protected]
Booking can be also made here Book now

SUP & KAYAK RENTALSDinghies, SUPs and kayaks

Members can hire dinghies, SUPs and kayaks at discounted prices. Please book and pay online.

While staying at home is most recommended during the Coronavirus outbreak, exercise and staying healthy is still possible.
So…take advantage of your member discount for kayak/sup or hire a Pacer or Laser dinghy.
Booking and payment made under ‘member hire’ at the following link or for further details please contact [email protected]

Book dinghy, SUP and Kayak hire.


COVID-19 Policy

Please check the Latest NSW Health COVID-19 news and updates.
The Club is operating at near full capacity.  In order to keep operating in this fashion assistance is required from all visitors to the facility.  The following restrictions are in accordance with NSW Public Health Orders:
• Do not attend the Club if you have any cold of flu like symptoms.
• Do not attend the Club if there is any chance you may have been in contact with someone who has, or might have coronavirus, in the last 14 days.
• Please check the Latest NSW Health COVID-19 news and updates.
• Only members, Sailing School customers, volunteers, and staff may visit the Club.  No public or guest access allowed.
• We have provided two forms of contact tracing QR Codes in the foyer.  Record your details, on one of these methods, for each and every visit to the Club.
• Members may remove and return craft to storage.
• Comply with government regulations regarding social distancing.  Keep 1.5 metres apart and allow 4 square metres per person indoors.
• Maximum group size of 50 people.
• Please rig outside the yard if possible.  You may rig in the yard but if you do so please move out of the yard asap.
• Move in and out of the yard rapidly. 
• The Club toilets and changerooms are open. Keep 1.5 metres apart and allow 4 square metres per person.
• The Club café and all other internal facilities are closed.  This is in accordance with NSW Public Health Orders and cannot be avoided.
• The yard is open during the day but requires security access card/fob after hours.
• There is limited access to the ramp or yard for road trailers.
• Outside of Club organised activities (racing and training) no assistance can be provided by staff in the yard or on the water. 
• Outside of Club organised activities (racing and training) no rescue resources are available.  Use of the facilities and the harbour is conducted at your own risk!
• Failure to comply with this policy may result in temporary suspension of membership!
• Failure to comply with this policy may result in very significant penalties for individuals and the Club!
• Failure to comply with this policy may result in complete closure of the Club!  Nobody wants to be responsible for that.

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