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WSC Stories – 25 September 2021

WSC Stories

During these strange days it feels at times that there is lots happening and simultaneously very little happening.  We would like to take a moment to celebrate some of the good things happening at the Club and around the world.  The big international events at the moment are the Olympics and Paralympics.  Locally WSC Members continue to use the Club and take their vessels out to enjoy the harbour.  In celebration of the varied international nature of of our sports and the Club’s membership we are running a series of “WSC Stories” featuring stories from our members.  If you would like to contribute, or for more information see – About WSC Stories.

Family Christodoulou

Our fondest memories come from the sea and sailing is an important part of our life.

Marie is from France and first learned to sail on the Atlantic coast. She prefers offshore sailing. Demetris is from Cyprus who spent much of his childhood by the water. He prefers the challenge of dinghy sailing. Our two children who are born and raised here in Australia, Titouan and Marin, are proud members of the WSC youth sailing team.

The first time that Titouan and Marin sailed was at the age of 3 or 4 in a Hobie Cat 16 with their uncle who is a sailing coach in Cyprus. By the age of 7 they began their Optimist training. They both say that they cannot wait to start sailing a Moth. Titouan also wants learn windsurfing and Marin likes the idea of kitesurfing.

We recall the first time visiting WSC and meeting with Dan Smith, who simply stated to us that “the core mission is to help everyone sail regardless of ability or activity”. One of the main reasons that we love WSC is Dan’s and Ross’s vision to how sailing clubs should be run, and especially their focus on strengthening the youth programs. The addition of Alex Zimmerman made it abundantly clear to us that our kids had a bright future here. We miss Alex now. We are also grateful for having access to excellent assistant coaches at the highest level, including Archie, Jack, and others.

We spent the last year in Cyprus and Greece doing a lot of sailing (thankfully, sailing was still allowed in lockdowns!). We also spent this time to help Demetris’s brother establish a new sailing academy, and we all helped with the development of a new sailing board game called tacking duels.

This sailing game was initially developed as a coaching aid for teaching strategies with regards to weather shifts and the racing rules of sailing as well as tactical engagements with other boats. This is now launched as a fun and educational board game emulating real sailing race conditions. The game will be available in November 2021, and you can subscribe your interest to be notified here:


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