Use of the Ramp, Pontoon and Jetty

The ramp, pontoon, and jetty, located adjest to the Woollahra Sailing Club, is owned, operated, and managed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).  The Club has a licence to use the facility.  Under that licence the Club has an obligation to maintain the facility and keep it safe.

The ramp and pontoon are available to the public.  However, the only approved public use is the launching and retreival of dinghies on hand held trailers.  The Club and Club members have the same access rights as the public.

The advice from TfNSW is that the pontoon may be used for drop off and pick up.  Maximum mooring time is 15 minutes.  Vessels must not be left unattended.  Vessels left unattended may be fined.  Further, the ramp and pontoon are available to the public for non for profit purposes only.  Commercial use of the ramp, pontoon, or jetty is not permitted and may result in fines.

The Club does not have the authority to grant anyone, members or non members, any rights to use the ramp, pontoon or jetty.  We have not granted any such rights and we will not, indeed may not.

The Club has permission to moor (club owned) ribs, unattended, on the pontoon for the purposes of teaching, safety, or regatta and race management.

We are currently working with TfNSW and Woollahra council on the erection of signs that make all of the above clear to all users.


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