Summary of Members meeting – Tuesday 10-April-2018


It was fantastic to see 50 plus WSC members last Tuesday night discussing the future of the Club.   Thanks to those people and we look forward to having all members involved.

We are all custodians of this great Club so the engagement and input of so many members at this first gathering to discuss the strategic direction of the club was incredibly positive and rewarding.

People being involved by sharing their thoughts and ideas on how we can all contribute to maximising the potential of the Club, will make the club great again.

We encourage you all to provide your ideas and feedback. We welcome contributions from Class Associations and like minded interest groups – including paddlers.
Please get together and formulate ideas on how you can contribute to the strength of your class/ group within the Club.
This is how you can all be part of the conversation about the future of the club:

Members Survey 
All members will be sent a on-line survey next week to provide your input, reaction and feedback. This is key to understanding where we are now – how satisfied are our members – and to ensure we best meet the expectations of our members with the resources available.

Email us [email protected]
This email is for feedback and input from members – please write to us and let us know how we can all create the environment to grow.

Talk to us 
All Board members are happy to chat in the yard or take your calls – you can contact us via [email protected]

Attend social events at the Club
Please join us at the next social event at the Club – Sunday May 13th at 4pm for the 65th Club Celebrations and Summer Season Presentation.

We have realised that there is more work to detail the activities, initiatives and plans to ensure these come to life. Again through your Class Associations or discussion groups please help us build the plans for the future of the Club.

The reaction and feedback from last night was positive. to the approach taken in the strategic plan with a focus on four key pillars:

1. Sailing, Paddling and Events
2. Facilities
3. Member Services and Communication
4. Governance and Leadership.

The most encouraging reactions were around greater input and volunteering by members in the running of club races and events including offers by parents to assist with training younger children.

The club will always support the training and education of members to involved with running racing. This concept is absolutely aligned to the goal to have members more actively involved – whether it is racing, casual sailing, race and event delivery or social activities.

The concept of “non-regatta” stays with me today; a great concept! We recognise the need to develop and retain students and older sailors by providing ongoing support. Pathways for all is essential for long term success and a high priority in the plan.

Again, thanks to those who were able to join us last night and we look forward to engaging you all as we enter our 65th year of Sailing at Woollahra.

Exciting times lie ahead with great opportunities for all of us to be involved in creating a lastly legacy for the future of the club.

Yours in Sailing (and paddling).

WSC Commodore

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