WSC Stories – Khiem Tran

WSC Stories – 9 August 2021

WSC Stories

During these strange days it feels at times that there is lots happening and simultaneously very little happening.  We would like to take a moment to celebrate some of the good things happening at the Club and around the world.  The big international events at the moment are the Olympics and Paralympics.  Locally WSC Members continue to use the Club and take their vessels out to enjoy the harbour.  In celebration of the varied international nature of of our sports and the Club’s membership we are running a series of “WSC Stories” featuring stories from our members.  If you would like to contribute, or for more information see – About WSC Stories.

Khiem Tran

I learned to sail as an adult (after many years as a paddler) and then came to WSC so I could sail Mirrors with my son, Liem. I love the feeling of being able to dance with the boat and the elements, and the chance to explore our beautiful waters. My favourite Olympic moment was watching Tom Burton come from behind to win gold in the Laser class in Rio.

We are very excited to share “Shearwater” a book by club member Khiem Tran.

I have written a book, Shearwater, about two kids helping to restore a Mirror dinghy and learning to sail on Sydney Harbour. The idea came about from watching my own son learning to sail at WSC in the original Shearwater. The book is pitched at a similar audience to ‘Swallows and Amazons’, so is meant for both

adults and children. The tone is light and humorous, and along the way the kids learn not only about sailing, but also the history of the harbour, how to face their fears, and about hidden strengths both in themselves and those around them.

The original Shearwater is long gone now, but my son has taken on the love of sailing and meanwhile I am still plugging away in Sea Lion.

The book is available in electronic form only via Amazon or Kobo. (Both of these can be downloaded and read on an app on any device.)


Kobo: https:/




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