Sail Sydney COVID-19 Policy

Sail Sydney 2020 is being run as a COVID safe event.  We are calling on all participants to assist in delivering a safe event.  Please observe the following restrictions:

  1. Comply with instructions from officials.
  2. Keep group sizes small and certain less than 30 people.
  3. At Woollahra Sailing Club the bathrooms and change rooms will be open.  Please observe the post limits regarding the number of people.
  4. Limited numbers.  To comply with the current social distancing requirements, WSC will only be able to accommodate 70 boats onshore at the club.   We ask for your assistance that you sail from other venues to the racecourse where possible.  Access to WSC will only be for competitors, race management and staff.
  5. Observe social distancing;
    1. Always maintain 1.5 metres between individuals – indoor and outdoor.
    2. Allow 2 sqm per person when in groups both indoor and outdoor.
  6. Observe good hygiene practice:
    1. When arriving at a venue clean your hands with sanitiser or soap.
    2. Use hand sanitiser/soap frequently.
    3. When in groups wear a face mask.
    4. If travelling by public transport wear a face mask.
  7. Contact tracing. Under current NSW health orders this is both important and strictly enforced.  The requirements for all participants (including: event competitors, parents, coaches, volunteers and staff)are:
    1. You must sign in every day using the event QR code. See below and in the NOR.
    2. You must observe the COVID requirements of the Club(s) they are attending. This will usually mean a separate QR code check in each day.
  8. Further information:
    1. The Woollahra Sailing Club COVID-19 policy can be found on the Club Website.
    2. The Royal Sydney COVID-19 updates can be found on the Club Website.
    3. The Middle Harbour Yacht Club policy can be found on the Club homepage.
    4. Please also review the Australian Sailing COVID0-19 Information Hub.

Sail Sydney QR Code

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