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Woollahra Sailing Club owes its very existence to a group of sailors keen to enjoy the thrill of competition, so it will come as little surprise to learn that the club is a passionate as ever about its competitive sailing program.

Sailors come in all shapes and sizes and so do their boats. Woollahra Sailing Club members can enjoy year round sailing in a variety of classes.

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Summer and Winter Series

For the Woollahra Sailing Club sailor, the Summer and Winter Series are two of the most significant events in the club calendar. These feature a series of races run over a number of weekends, with points being awarded doe finishing positions, much like you may have seen in the Olympics.

First Place scores one point, second place two points and so on, with the results aggregated over the course of the competition and the sailor with the lowest overall score declared the winner. The rules also allow a stipulated maximum number of a competitor’s  poorest results to be discarded, rewarding the passionate sailor who turns up week in week out.

Saturday Racing

Saturday racing is reserved for the Moth Class. It was sailors of these types of boat that founded our club in the 1950’s., though technical advances mean the vessel of today has changed significantly from those early days.

Originally a cheap home built sailing boat designed to plane, now it is a commercially produced vessel designed to hydroplane on foils. Many of the older design Moths still exist and are fun recreational boats but slower than their successors, which have been described as “Formula 1 on water”.

Sunday Racing

Sunday racing at the club sees all the other classes at the club in action with three seperate mass starts or Flights. First ooff is out thriving group of youngsters in their single-handed Optimists. Many youngsters have their own boats and WSC also owns a fleet of 12 plastic Opties to use in the summer program.

At Present, our pathway stems from the Optimist to the youth transition class, t6he Byte. From here young sailors can chose the Laser Class. Fins Class or take flight in a Moth.

Lasers are one of the fastest growing one-design classes in Australia, with the Laser Radial increasingly popular with women having made its debut in the 2008 Olympic Games. The Finn . is a heavy weight dinghy also raced at the Olympics and reckoned by many to be the most physical and tactical single-hander sailboats in the world.

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