Power outage

Update 6-Mar-2021-1724:  The power is back on and systems checked.  At this stage it appears that everything is working.

Update 6-Mar-2021-1341:  Power should be back by 1700.  Advice from Ausgrid.

Original post 6-Mar-2021-1243: We experienced a minor power disruption yesterday and were informed by Ausgrid that this could be resolved quickly without further disruption and that they would keep us informed of progress.  Unfortunately, overnight they have shut down all power to Vickery Avenue and part of Rose Bay shops.  We were not provided with any warning that this would happen and so were unable to notify members. 

The Club continues to operate at nearly normal capacity but the power being out means: 

  • No lights. 
  • No power points. 
  • Cold showers. 🙁 
  • No coffee. 
  • The phones are down.
  • Fob access does not work. 
  • No winch. 
  • Gates need to be manually opened and closed. 

This post will be updated with details of progress as such information comes to hand. 

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. 

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