Event Registration FAQS

This post provides some notes on how to register participants in programmes.

Revolutionise Sport is the software platform provided by Australian Sailing to all affiliated Sailing Clubs.  There are many nice features available in this product and, like all software, there are a few tricky bits.  This post aims to address some of these issues.

We are currently reviewing other event management systems in order to address the issues outlined below.

System seems to hang after entering payment details – Please don’t use mobile phone or tablet

The booking system is very reliable when using a PC or Laptop and most reliable when using the google Chrome browser.  Please use a PC or Laptop running Chrome if possible.
We do not know why other devices are less reliable.  We have asked the vendor but not received a satisfactory response.

System seems to hang after entering registration details and before taking payment details

Please complete all mandatory fields.
All events have some mandatory fields.  Mandatory fields are indicated by a * at the end of the field name.  Some events have more mandatory fields than others.  For example the School holiday camps require two emergency contact names and phone numbers.  These fields must be completed.


Please ensure you have ticked all the check boxes at the bottom of the form.  This may includes:
1) Reading the waiver.
2) Agreeing to the waiver.
3) Confirming your age and eligibility to complete the form.

Many events require an event waiver to be read and agreed.   The check box for reading the waiver is separate to the check box for agreeing to the waiver.  Hence there are two waiver acknowledgements.

The event waiver is displayed in a scrolling window.  You are required to read the entire waiver which involves scrolling to the bottom of the waiver and ticking the check box confirming it has been read.

There is also a check box confirming your age and eligibility to complete the form.


Still no good!!

Please contact us by phone or email.  We are happy to help.













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