Club News – September 19 2019

Opti information meeting

For all those parents with kids in Tackers 3, Green, Intermediate and Open Fleet – Please join us at the WSC main function room on the top floor this upcoming Sunday 22nd September at 09:30am. Agenda:

I. Introductions:
Rupert Henry WSC Treasurer & Junior Sailing Director
Ben Tucker – WSC Optimist Class Rep
Alex Zimmermann – WSC Junior Program Sailing Manager & Head Coach

II. Optimist Pathway and the opportunities out there for the kid

III. Groups being catered by WSC:

IV. Calendar of events with the conclusion at Optimist Nationals 2020

V. Volunteers

VI. Question time

Please RSVP your attendance to this meeting to [email protected]

Summer Series – Club Championships

The 2019 summer series will start this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you on the water.
We would like to remind everyone to register on line, just click on the following link: On line entry  If you don’t enter we may not be able to record your details in the results.
Saturday: Moth, 420, Waszp
Sunday: All other classes.
For youth and adult fleets see full details see summer series on the Club website.
For Optimist fleets see the Optimist summer series page.

Sail Sydney – December 12-15

The Notice of Race for Sail Sydney 2019 has been released, with Woollahra Sailing Club set once again to be a hive of activity from December 12th – 15th where scores of competitors will battle it out on the waters of Sydney Harbour.
Last year’s event saw more than 300 competitors take part, with both Junior and Olympic Class fleets featuring competitors from New Zealand, Malaysia, Macedonia, Hong Kong and Holland, as well as Australia.
We are expecting another large fleet of local, national and international sailors to take part in 2019.The Notice of Race is available now.
On line registration

WSC Volunteer competence training

  1. Facilities – Safety Responsibilities; Winch Operation – launching On Ramp; Crane Operation – launching from Jetty; Petrol handling; Rescue Boat Prep. Facilitator – Greg Dixon
  1. Rescue boat operation – Safety Responsibilities; Start of Day – gear check; Radio Operation; Retrieving Sailors; Towing Boats; Race Buoys
    – Anchors, Anchor Lines, Buoys;  End of Day – returning gear & reporting incidents/gear repairs. Facilitators – Gaye and Martin
  1. Start boat & race management– Safety Responsibilities; Principles of race course setting; On-board roles and responsibilities; Laying marks for the Presiding Race Officer (PRO) by Rescue Boat (note, this is not a learn-to-run-a-race course – simply what you’ll be asked to do to support the race management) Facilitator – Dan Smith
  1. Basic First aid – Safety Procedures & Communications- on-water, club, ambulance, police; defibrillator locations at WSC and next nearest; resuscitation, CPR, using a defibrillator. Facilitator TBC – Member Doctor or Professional First Aid

We intend this to be a fun and informative intro to each key role. You will get hands-on, on-shore experience, receive takeaway materials to refer to when it’s your turn to volunteer, so you feel comfortable volunteering with the more experienced volunteers at the club.

Sailing programs

The September/October school holidays are fast approaching.  Checkout the great coaching clinics, learn to sail, intermediate and other holiday offerings.
Don’t forget to book next holiday camp. Book online now or contact the Club [email protected]  / (02) 9371 9805

School holiday camps – September and October 2019 from 9AM to 3PM
Monday 23/9 – Friday 27/9
Monday 30/9 – Thursday 3/10
Tuesday 8/10 – Friday 11/10

NSW Performance Youth Clinic
Join Dan Smith and Alex Zimmermann for our school holiday performance programs.
Dan is a five times Olympic 470 Coach, and World Youth Championship Coach.
Alex is a three times Sailing World Champion and has coached the Australian Optimist Sailing Team.
The ultimate preparation for the NSW Youth Championships 2019

Optimist and 420 performance camps from 9AM to 4PM
Monday 30/9 – Wednesday 2/10
Optimist Performance Coaching – Alex Zimmerman – $250 (3 days)
420 Performance Coaching – Daniel Smith – $350 (3days)

Optimist Summer Series
The 2019 summer series will be commencing on September, 15th and you can find all details on the following link.

2019 Finn Masters Championships

Woollahra Sailing Club is proud to host the 2019 Finn Masters Championship from the 5th to the 7th of October.
Masters info.

Paddling news

Firstly a crucial update: for your viewing pleasure, observe the ‘Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships’ update, check out the link at A week of much rain and bad weather didn’t hamper the paddlers efforts during this most recent reporting period.  WSC Sailor and ‘shed stalwart’ Dave Noodles EDALMAN, took the opportunity of some down time to emphasise the importance of ‘proper’ technique.  And he even committed his thoughts to verse, which I shall do my best to reproduce, amidst updating you all with exciting paddling news.  But first a disclaimer – as Dave said – “I am no Henry Reed, my apologies as I murder his wonderful verse, but I love his poetry, and you know – paddling is all about The Naming of the Parts”. Today we have the catch which should be timed to coincide with leg drive. As the water beneath us shimmers, gurgles, and bubbles fly.Some big news for the upcoming Bondi to Rose Bay Ocean Race on Saturday 26 October 2019.  The after race presentation will be held upstairs in the club, and the club will also be providing safety and photography boats.  Seriously well done WSC.  This is a great move to support a community event. Please also note the well-loved Makai Cup is to host the 2020 Paddle Australia Canoe Ocean Racing Championships.  Check out the link at     Yesterday we had the finish. Anything past the waist is a waste. Do not let me see you go past the waist. If there is eloquence in your arm you will not scoop great pails of water onto your neighbours. The sun rises, glittering in our eyes and lighting a path to the horizon. As reported previously 2nd November will see three more members from the sailing and paddling fraternity go through volunteer training for race starts, IRB training and launching and general volunteer duties.  This truly is a fantastic thing and all our thanks go out to those hale lads and indeed all club volunteers.  Speaking of volunteers Jeremy SPEAR has won Paddle NSW’s award for Volunteer of the Year.  Jezza will be placing this award alongside other major achievements to include 6 (six) Sydney to Hobart Races.  Well done mate. Tomorrow we will have rotation. We do not yet have that rotation.  Showing your chest to starboard and to port.  Do not dish pails of water on your neighbour, Dolphins we all love.  Beautiful creatures that fill our hearts. This weekend see the 47 KM, Myall Classic.  The race runs up the Myall River to Myall Lakes and back.  Good luck to WSC paddling members who are getting stuck in this weekend.  In the past WSC members have done very well in this race winning their divisions, let’s hope this can be replicated.This weekend’s maritime forecast is for 2 – 3 metre waves and 20 – 30 knot winds, so be bloody careful out there.  Predictions for our beautiful harbour during the WORLD’s GREATEST TIMETRIAL are for 10 – 15 knot northerly winds with just a touch of easterly thrown in for good measure.  Following the WORLD’s GREATEST TIMETRIAL there will be hot showers.  You should join us – Noodles has stated he will, whilst showering, give forth to the ‘Man from Snowy River’, and a paddling version of it will be in next week’s news.

Club Cafe

Woollahra Sailing Club Cafe will open to members and public this weekend.
Sept 21: 10am – 4pm
Sept 22: 10am – 6pm








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