Club News – March 5 2020

Sail GP Inspire

Congrats to Hanako Tomishima and Austin Cross for attending Sail GP inspire last week. It was great to see Woollahra Sailing Club members challenging other sailors from Sydney Harbour.
We are looking forward to meet next year competitors and enjoy another Sail GP event.

NSW 420 State Championships

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March, WSC will be the home of the NSW 420 State Championships.
More info will be available soon on our website, stay tuned!
Event info

Laser World Championships

Congrats to WSC Instructor Mena Ferguson and member Sylvie Stannage for her first open laser World Championships.
She has been training hard for it and deserve our Club support =) well done Mena.

Australian Sailing Official Courses

Australian Sailing have put together an update to send to clubs on a quarterly basis of the upcoming courses around NSW and ACT.
More details

Summer Series 

Saturday March 7 – Club Championships
Moth/Waszp/420: 3pm start

Sunday March 8 – Club Championships
Opti 12.30pm briefing – 1pm start
General Fleet: 12.30pm briefing – 1.30pm start

Moth Thursdays twilight
Moths: 5.30pm start (check weather forecast)

We would like to remind everyone to register for club racing online,  if you have not already registered for the Spring and Summer series just click on the following link: Online entry If you don’t enter we may not be able to record your details in the results.

For youth programmes and adult fleets see full details on the Club website.

For information about the Volunteer roster see Summer Series on the Club website.

For Optimist fleets see the Optimist Summer Series page.

Fast track your skills with private lessons at Woollahra Sailing Club, send an email to: [email protected]

Mirrors Update

We now have new state champions, with Jonathan and Phoebe Branch from CPSC taking the prize on Saturday! Full results here. In the end, only two WSC boats made it down, with Choppa and Salty Sea Dog flying the flag for our club. This week we are back to normal club racing with Week 4 of the Summer Series.
We seem to have had a bit of drop in numbers for club racing lately, so I’m keen to hear your ideas to get more boats on the water. If a different time or day would make a difference, let me know. We had five boats out the week before, which is a good sign, but with our ten slots in the boat racks, we really should be getting at least that every week. Note that other classes are asking for new rack spots, and they’ll be looking at ours unless we can show that our boats are being used.
As usual, check our Facebook page for photos and updates and,  if you want to use a shareboat, make sure you book it on the spreadsheet.

Paddling News

Upcoming events
Harbour series
: race 2 Pittwater Challenge 14 March
Tingira Challenge: hosted by Shark Island Paddlers at Rose Bay on 28 March.

Breakfast Beers at the Bavarian for Bridge to Beach held 23 February 2020 By Rozanne Green

The Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach is the final event of the Shaw and Partners Australian Ocean Racing Series. The event supports the Fragile X Association of Australia. The open water paddling event is iconic and regarded as one of the most spectacular in the world taking place on Sydney Harbour.
A fabulous day was had for supporters and competitors doing the very well organised Bridge to Beach which has been run for years. The race finishes at the Bavarian where presentation takes place with a free drink to each competitor. Skis, SUP’s, Kayaks, OC’s, boards, doubles whatever your choice of craft, fun was had.
This is my favourite race on the calendar. It’s a short 10km race but each year is very different. Sunday was one of the calmest conditions after last year’s race that had big swell from cyclone Ouma. The calmer conditions didn’t suit all paddlers especially big surf paddlers like our mentor Tommy. His comment “It was a brutally honest fitness paddle”.
I have done this race in my 40’s, 50’s and now they have introduced a 60’s category for women. Us WOW (Women On Water) are thrilled that the number of women are increasing at races. There were 377 competitors with 20% women. SIP/WSC had about a dozen competitors with a few podium spots. The most hotly contested categories male 40+ and 50+ had SIP/WSC members in the top 10 places.
Eitan provided a moral support making sure the team was in the right headspace. Stew was support for the Think Future Team, one criteria that I didn’t make this team is I am over 30 🙂
Finishes were so close that the race was won by the finishing 100m run for some. First 2 teams across the finishing line were both double ski Newport teams in 38:48, teamwork is good work sharing the lead for wash-riding. On the podium was Tommy Woodriff for 40+, Bruce Hopkins 50+. Tommy’s Ozpaddle men on plastics Patrick Buckle and Ian Kinsella got 2nd and 3rd, Jai Di Tommaso was first 60+ with me getting a 3rd winning a bottle of wine. Charlie Chan was thrilled to do her first B2B, watch this space and story next week. Julie Wilcsek, Creagh Boutell, Andrew Fevre, Graham Dadd Jakub Obr, Franck Moreaua, Peter Toohey all had a great paddle, apologies if I have missed others who were there. I missed not having a lot of SIP’s who had done this race regularly before especially Howard Bersten and Tom Jones who was on the podium just last year. Their memories live on.

Ramp etiquette tips:

Be safety conscious. Booms can swing with wind change.  Pedestrians and young children are unaware of the dangers, be very careful when crossing the footpath.
Please do not queue across the pedestrian footpath outside the Club. Move boats forward when washing.
Use the ramp for launch and retrieval only.  Not for parking.  Not for rigging.
Please DO NOT LEAVE DOLLIES ON THE RAMP.  One person leaves a dolly on the ramp then next person follows that example and the next and pretty quickly the ramp is unusable.  Store dollies on the grass or on the brick pavers behind the winch.  Stack the dollies to minimise the space they consume.  Place them out of the way.

Club Cafe

Please pay by card if possible, not cash.
Saturday, March 7 – 8am to 5pm.
Sunday, March 8 – 9am to 5pm
Saturday, March 14- 8am to 2.30pm
Sunday, March 15 – 9am to 5pm

WSC office opening days/times

Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – 5pm

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