Weta Sailing at Woollahra Sailing Club

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Weta Sailing at WSC

Single-handed Club Class

The Weta is Pure Sailing Enjoyment

Unlike other dinghies, the Weta is the boat everyone can use  – in almost any conditions – all in the one compact, easy package:

  • Take it out for a blast on your own and enjoy speeds over 20 knots under full control
  • Appreciate the stability when taking out family and friends for fun
  • Safe and stable for kids or adults to learn to sail
  • Enter regattas and regular races held around Australia and worldwide

The Weta is the “no-drama” boat – the stability of a trimaran means it’s really hard to capsize but easy to right in minutes if you do.

Designed in New Zealand, over 1200 Wetas have been sold around the world since it was launched with a splash in 2009, and it was approved for the World Masters Games and Paralympics in 2017.

Captain: Geoff Waldon
Email:  [email protected]woollahrasailingclub.org.au

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Weta (dinghy) Wiki

From garage project to transforming the sailing industry

It all started as a scribble on a school note pad for Roger Kitchen. After spending hundreds of hours on the water teaching kids to sail in boats that were slow, too small and tricky to sail, Roger thought there must be a better way.

Roger and son Chris, researched around the world for a boat that was simple to teach in but still fast and exciting. No one else seemed to have the answer, so in typical Kiwi style they thought, bugger it, we’ll just build one ourselves. So the garage was cleared out and the help of a few experts (Tim Clissold of TC designs did the original drawings) and the rest is history.

The Weta trimaran is heralded by many in the industry as a breath of fresh air in the stagnant small boat sailing arena. Weta brings a burst of energy and excitement to sailing clubs, schools and boating families.

Today there are over 1200 Weta trimarans sailing the waters in 24 different countries around the world and the boat has been recognized by winning the Sailing World International Boat of the Year Award in 2010 and approved by the World Masters Games and Paralympics in 2017.

Initial prototypes were built in New Zealand but production was soon moved to China. In 2015 a new mould was created when production was moved to Australian-run Xtreme Sailing Products, based in Singapore – one of the top 3 dingy manufacturers worldwide. At the same time the sail suppliers was switched to Norths and Ronstan now supply the majority of the deck hardware. A foam core lightweight hull was introduced in 2017 together with a 9.3SqM square top mainsail, designed to improve performance in lighter winds and make the boat easier to manoeuvre on land.

Weta are going all guns blazing to make people aware that there is a better way to learn to sail and to reignite a passion that you are never too young or too old to have fun sailing.

Weta Marine have adopted a policy of “prudent evolution” so as to allow continuous development without making existing Wetas obsolete while keeping the One Design ethos.

Wetas were used for the World Masters Games in 2017 and approved for the Paralympics – since the Weta provides a very stable but exciting sailing experience, especially when compared with typical Paralympic boats, and it has been adopted by disabled sailing organisations worldwide. Because it’s fast, stable and comfortable with no hiking effort, it has also completed marathon events including sailing from Townsville to Cairns and the 300-mile Everglades Challenge in the USA.

The Australian Weta Class Association was formed in 2017 and there are fleets of boats in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT. In NSW the majority of the Weta fleet is in the Sydney area and we complete at WSC and Pittwater as well as taking part in multihull and marathon events around the state as part of the NSW Travellers Trophy.

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