AGM 2019 – Final notice

Please be advised the 61th Annual General meeting for Woollahra Sailing Club will be held at 7pm on Thursday August 29th 2019 at the Function Room at Woollahra Sailing Club, 2 Vickery Ave, Rose Bay

Details of the AGM and election of directors are available on the Club’s website at:

These documents include:

  • Agenda for the AGM – including the motions received.
  • Proxy vote form for the AGM.
  • 2019 Financial Report.
  • Minutes of the 2018 AGM.
  • Further details as provided on the nominations for Director.

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With the closure of the nomination process for Directors, I can advise we have received four (4) nominations for Director of WSC. They are (alphabetically):

  • Irene Ellis
  • Warren Sare
  • Jeremy Spear
  • Diane Vukelic

As per the WSC constitution, 13.6 Transition (a) The terms of Elected Directors are to be staggered so that the term of two Elected Directors, as determined by a majority vote of the Board, expires at the 2016 AGM and at each subsequent AGM the terms of at least two Elected Directors expire.

The two directors who have resigned are:

  • Diane Vukelic
  • Rupert Henry (who was filling a casual vacancy due to the resignation of Ross Barratt in January 2019)

Hence the election will be for two (2) vacant positions on the WSC Board.

As per the Election notice, if a ballot is necessary, a list of nominations received will be made available to all eligible members and posted on the Club’s notice board. The ballot materials will be available to all eligible voters at Woollahra Sailing Club and completed onsite. The ballot will open during the following hours in August 2019: Monday 19th, Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th from 12pm to 5pm, and on Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd from 12pm to 7pm. A ballot draw will determine the order of Candidates on the Ballot Paper. In accordance with the Constitution, the voting system used will be ‘First Past the Post’. The count of the ballot will proceed immediately after the ballot has closed at the Woollahra Sailing Club, 2 Vickery Avenue Rose Bay.

SCRUTINEERS: Appointment of scrutineers, and any other matters concerning the election should be directed to Diane Vukelic, WSC club secretary [email protected].


Ballot opens – August 19th, 2019 Monday 12pm AEST –

Ballot closes and count of ballot commences – August 25th, 2019 Sunday 5pm AEST –


To be entitled to vote at an election and attend the AGM a member must be:

  • Not in arrears by more than 90 days on membership subscription or renewal.
  • Must be an existing Ordinary Member. Please note: applications to become an Ordinary Member must be approved by the Board.  The last Board meeting was 21 July 2019 applications for new or changed membership received after that date have not been approved by the Board and as such are applications only and the individuals identified on those applications are not yet Ordinary Members.

Votes are to be cast at the Woollahra Sailing Club.

Please refer to the Club Constitution.

Yours Sincerely

Frank Shephard
WSC Returning Officer.

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