Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

 Little Rippers

This is where the adventure begins. Windsurfing is a sport that kids of all ages can enjoy. We use wide stable boards, with really small sails that can be easily manoeuvred by little people, we teach on the calm safe waters of Rose Bay. Our focus is on the basics of the sport, whilst maximising the fun factor.

During this course Little Rippers will learn to;

  • uphaul correctly
  • Sail in a straight line
  • Learn the points of sail
  • Turn the board using the sail
  • Best safety practices
  • Proper windsurfing stance and technique
  • Sailing across the wind

Ages 8 to 14

This course will run over 4 weeks, Sunday 1200 – 1400 (Term 3 beginning 23rd July 2017)

Term 3 Little Rippers

Registrations now open!!

Rippers 1

This course covers the basics of windsurfing, using wide stable boards. Incorporating the “BIC Techno 293, this is the beginning of the youth Olympic pathway. Using a wide style one design board, as you get better you increase you sail size advancing on the basics.

During Rippers 1 you will cover;

  • Points of sail
  • Proper technique and safety procedures
  • Proper control of the rig to steer the board
  • Foot placement for pivot jibes and quick tacks
  • Sailing upwind, downwind and reaching
  • Close hauled
  • Starting procedures


Ages 8 to 14

This course will run over 4 weeks, Sunday 1430 – 1630 (Term 3 beginning 23rd July 2017)

Term 3 Rippers 1

Registrations now open.

Rippers 2

This is things start to get serious and more focused on your racing performance, learning those little tips and tricks to get you sailing fast!

  • Sailing on BIC Techno 293.
  • Using bigger sails.
  • Sailing in plaining and sub plaining conditions.
  • Transitioning into foot straps and harness.
  • Using adjustable outhaul and downhaul.
  • Starting procedures.
  • Lay lines.
  • Correct rigging of sails to match conditions.
  • Proper pumping upwind and downwind.
  • Regatta management.

Holiday Camps!!

During the  school holidays we are offering Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle Board camps.

These four day camps are the perfect place to learn or to improve the skills you already have.

Hold tight for Christmas holiday camps being released!