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Holiday Sailing Camp Sydney

Availability: Offered in line with school terms all year round

Ages: 7-12

Tackers 1 & 2

For 7 to 11 year olds. If your child is very nervous in the water please give us a ring or email to discuss options.

Tackers 1 (Having Fun): Open to young sailors with little or no previous sailing experience.

Tackers 1 is a great place for beginning a lifelong love of the sport. This class is based around creating a positive association with the water and small boats. If your child has recently completed a holiday camp with us, this is the perfect step to further develop skills and knowledge of sailing.

Concepts include: safety, capsize recovery, wind awareness, steering, sheeting, and sailing around a simple course. There is a big emphasis on fun and games in this class with many skills hidden within.

Tackers 2 (Tricks & Techniques): Tackers 2 is about getting more confidence and mastering our basic skills of tacking, gybing and sailing upwind.

Upcoming Programs: Term 4, 2017

Saturday afternoon program. 9 x 3 hour classes  (commencing Saturday 14th October 1200-1500).

Sunday morning program 9 x 3 hour classes (commencing Sunday 15th October 0900-1200).

Enrol – Saturdays 1200 – 1500Enrol – Sundays 0900 – 1200
Sydney Sailing Course

Availability: Offered in line with school terms

Ages: 8-13 (Opti)

Tackers 3 (Sailing Fast)

For 8-14 year olds, sailors must have completed Tackers 2 or similar. Typically a sailor is expected to sail upwind unassisted in 12 knots.

Open to sailors who have successfully completed beginning sailing or similar training and want to expand their skills and learn to race. This course focuses on speed, boat handling and preparation for the Green Fleet.

Upcoming Program: Term 4, 2017, Sunday program goes for 9 weeks (commencing Sunday 15th October 0900-1200)

Enrol – Sundays 0900 – 1200

Availability: Term 4 Available Now!

Ages: 9 – 14 (Opti)

Opti Green and Intermediate Fleets

Green fleet kids need to have their own Optimist. if you haven’t organised one, contact Leon before signing up, there are limited club boats available for hire or purchase.

The Legendary WSC optimist Green Fleet continues! Green fleet is focused on getting used to the more powerful fibreglass race optimist, and getting a taste for competition. Parents are encouraged to participate with the on-water activities; particularly getting involved with the race management.

Optimist Intermediate Fleet


This term the Intermediate Fleet will sail along with the club racing, we have plenty of people on the race course to help out and give some extra tips. Briefing for the club racing will take place at 1030 in the foyer of the club house, the first race starting at 1100.

Make sure you’re at the briefing and if you have any questions or are unsure of anything make sure you ask!!

See you on the race course!!

Upcoming Program Green Fleet Term 4, (commencing Sunday 15th October 0900-1200) Please be rigged up and ready by 9am

Enrol Opti Green Fleet Sundays 0900 – 1200Enrol Opti Intermediate Fleet – Sundays with Club Racing
Learn to Sail Sydney

Availability: Offered in line with school terms and as a part of our holiday camps

Ages: 12-17 (Pacer)

Learn-to-Sail Youth Pacer Programme

An excellent way to get the teens involved in sailing. We use the clubs Pacers, a lightweight 2 or 3 handed boat that is fast and fun. The 2 handed setting is great for communication and is an important stepping stone for those wishing to compete in the 420 or 29er classes.

While no sailing experience is required this is a great complimentary course for kids doing high school sailing with us.

Upcoming Program: Term 4, 2017, Sunday Program 9 weeks (commencing Sunday 15th October 1300-1500),

Enrol -Youth Pacers – Sundays 1300 – 1500
Adult Sailing Sydney

Availability: Summer (on demand)

Ages: 18+ (Children may enrol with a participating parent)

Adult Sailing

Prerequisites: 18+ (Children may enrol with a participating parent)

Description: The adult sailing program was started several years ago at the request of parents who saw how much fun their kids were having. Adult sailing has evolved a lot since then, and this year we’ll be teaching our adult classes in Pacers or RS Vision. We’re also allowing children to enrol with their parent, so that families can foster a love of sailing together. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from your 8 year old…

Most of our adult learn to sail program is run as private lessons, allowing us to customise your experience, but feel free to discuss other options with us!

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Pacer Pathway

We also run a programme for those who have completed the basic skills course and are looking to get some more time on the water to touch up on what you’ve already learned. The Pacer Pathway programme is specifically for those who already know how to sail, it is a more independent and relaxed sailing class than private lessons.

Pacer Pathways runs on a Sunday morning 0900-1200 and is $30 per person per week.

Please register to come along. Registration is done on a weekly basis so make sure to register and get your spot!

Remember practice makes perfect!!

Sunday 0900 - 1200

Led by Instructors Gili & Neil

Sailing School Holiday Camps Sydney

Availability: School holidays

Ages: 6-17

Holiday Camps

Prerequisites: Must be capable of having fun! (6 -17 year olds)

Description: This is a camp for young prospective sailors who are looking to have fun on and around the water. This is NOT a “learn to sail” class, but rather a program designed to improve a child’s comfort and confidence around water, as well as develop respect for our marine environment. Sailors will enjoy a variety of sailing related activities each day, including games, boat rides and swim time.

We accommodate the little ones the tweens and the teens in our holiday camps, with the bigger kids splitting off and having fun on our faster and more powerful Pacers.

A great way to burn off steam while off the screens. We guarantee all kids are returned happy and exhausted!

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Learn to Sail Sydney

Availability: Offered September – April

Ages: 11-18 (Opti and Pacer)

School Sailing

We provide a variety of options to Schools, both primary and secondary. We can provide coaching and training weekdays during or after school and weekends as well. Our available products range from tackers courses for the year 2 kids right through to High School Teams Racing.

The WSC Sailing Program supports schools who participate in the WSC Schools Racing Series and the NSW Teams Racing Association Championships.

We can provide all necessary coaching and resources for the development of sailing as a new sport in your school. Please contact us today for more information.

Adult Sailing Sydney

Availability: On Demand

Ages: 18+

Private Sailing Lessons

Adult Private Lessons (2 hr Sydney Harbour Experience) or Adult Basic Skills Courses (4 x 2hr lessons)

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