The Board

Jay Harrison
  1. Overall leadership and strategic direction of Woollahra Sailing Club (WSC).
  2. Represent the WSC at the highest levels.
  3. Liaison with and representation to NSW Government, Woollahra Council, Yachting NSW and other bodies as appropriate.
  4. Chair Club Committee meetings.
  5. Fulfill strategic plan and other allocated Committee Member tasks.
  6. Lead WSC Strategic planning coordination and processes.
  7. Lead and oversight WSC governance arrangements.
  8. Escalation point for committee and individual club members.
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Vice Commodore 
Graham Hindley

  1. Deputise for the Commodore as required.
  2. Oversee WSC risk management, including maintenance of the Risk Management Plan and all insurance requirements.
  3. Oversee and coordination of all organised WSC sailing activities and hosted regattas including:
    • race documentation
    • race management,
    • qualification of specialist race management staffing,
    • results management,
    • venue liaison with event organisers, and
    • class development & coaching programs.
  4. Set the tone for sailing at the WSC and provide a channel of communication on sailing matters from members to the WSC Committee
  5. Develop WSC’s annual calendar of sailing events.
  6. Develop sailing aspects of WSC policy.
  7. Chair the WSC sailing committee.
  8. Oversee the arrangements for WSC trophies and prizes.
  9. Fulfill the WSC strategic plan and other allocated committee member tasks.
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Rear Commodore
Tom Jones 
  1. Regularly review the services, facilities, infrastructure and equipment that the WSC provides to members and make recommendations, including development and maintenance of the WSC Facilities and Equipment Plan for improvements as appropriate, for approval by the WSC board.
  2. Oversee and maintain WSC boating assets including: • Norman Fox • Power boats
  3. Develop and bring forward for WSC board approval, an annual capital equipment and fleet replacement program for club owned assets.
  4. Promote and maintain a positive volunteer culture throughout WSC activities.
  5. Ensure that volunteers are properly supported, equipped and managed in their activities.
  6. Provide a channel of communication from members to the WSC board.
  7. Fulfill the WSC strategic plan and other allocated committee member tasks.
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Club Captain
Ross Barratt
  1. Oversee provision of all WSC communication activities including: • Media exposure • WSC newsletter, content and production • WSC website • Advertising, in association with Office Manager.
  2. In conjunction with the Commodore and Office Manager, develop and implement WSC communication strategies and messages.
  3. Develop and maintain communication aspects of WSC policy documents.
  4. Support and promote WSC activities to the public.
  5. Manage WSC graphic design, including creation of promotional material and publications.
  6. Plan and conduct member off-water activities and social functions, including the development of an off-water annual program for WSC board approval.
  7. Chair the WSC social committee.
  8. Fulfill the WSC strategic plan and other allocated committee member tasks.
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Peter Katz
  1. Oversee all finance responsibilities in accordance with the Club Constitution, including: a. collect and receive all monies due to the Woollahra Sailing Club association (the association) and make all payments authorised by the association; and b. keep accounts and books showing correct financial affairs of the association with full details of all receipts and expenditure within the activities of the association.
  2. Develop and oversee the reporting structure of WSC to ensure accountability, best practice financial management and informed decision making by the WSC Committee.
  3. Budgeting, financial planning and financial management of WSC, including maintenance of accepted financial standards and regulatory compliance, and ensuring that WSC’s financial processes are auditable and within guidelines to ensure best financial practice.
  4. Oversee and mentor the Office Manager in relation to financial matters, including: • budget, • accounting • banking, and • security.
  5. Make relevant recommendations to the WSC board.
  6. Fulfill the WSC strategic plan and other allocated committee member tasks.
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Diane Vukelic
  1. Assist office to maintain an up-to-date club membership list.
  2. Take of minutes for general and Annual General Meetings (AGM).
  3. Plan and run meetings including AGMs.
  4. Ensure all Corporations Act and constitution requirements are performed and complied with.
  5. Ensure compliance with ASIC registration of Directors and reports.
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