Single-handed Club Classes

Single-handed sailing is sailing with only one person on the vessell. The term is used to indicate that a single crew is responsible for multiple duties which would typically be assigned multiple crew members.

With a proud history of producing State, National and World Champions, Woollahra Sailing Club is home to a pathway of classes that develop skills and finesse on the water.

Single Handed Classes are manned by one crew member. Some of the most competitive sailing takes place in single-handed classes, making them a popular choice for sailors. The boats sailed at WSC are easily rigged and sailed by one person – for either recreational or competitive pursuits. At present, our pathway stems from the Optimist Dinghy to the youth transition class, the Byte Dinghy. From here young sailors can choose the Laser Class, Finn Class or take flight in a Moth.

Our class captains are friendly and keen to help you get on the water – be sure to get in     contact if you have any queries!



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Double-handed Club Classes

Double Handed Sailing takes place in classes that can accommodate more crew, due to a greater sail and hull area. Our classes are recognised by ISAF as key development and racing classes for this style of sailing.

Most Sailors have spent time in double handed classes and allowing sailors to learn important skills such as teamwork and communication. We recognise these are crucial skills in the development of successful sailors.

Our Double Handed classes at WSC have something for everyone – if you are looking for thrills or a       boat to sail with the family, we are sure to have the right fit for you. Please get in contact with the Class Captains for any assistance you may need!


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