Boat Storage

Subject to availability, members are able to store their sail boats in the storage yard. To keep your spot, boats must be active during the club racing season which is not hard to do when sailing in the Sydney Harbour! Storage is available to Club Racing Classes and is subject to annual storage fees and the signing of our boat storage agreement.

Crane Lifts$50
Daily Storage for a non-WSG Regatta$25
Daily Storage for a WSC Regatta$0

Boat Storage Agreement



Are you a member and need a storage spot?

1.4m wide rackingGround$560Lasers
1.4m wide rackingLevel 2$450Lasers
1.4m wide rackingLevel 3$350Lasers
1.4m wide rackingLevel 4$290Lasers
1.9m wide rackingGround$630Laser/Tasar/Pacer/29er
1.9m wide rackingLevel 2$480Laser/Tasar/Pacer/29er
1.9m wide rackingLevel 3$375Laser/Tasar/Pacer/29er
Moth StorageGround$800Moth
Moth StorageLevel 1$720Moth
2.2m Rigs up$91029er/49er/Tasar/B14
2.5m Rigs up$10504934/B14
Kayaks up to 5.5mLevel 4$400Kayaks
Small Dinghies/tenders for yachts$400Small dinghies